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Compact2Learn Quick Start Guide and FAQs

This page applies to Compact2Learn students.

What is Compact2Learn?

As a student, you log and track detailed information about your volunteer, service, or civic engagement experiences. Compact2Learn can help you manage this process and provide you with helpful data and reports to document your hours, experiences, and learning.

Depending on your program's Compact2Learn account, you may follow slightly different steps in logging, documenting, and submitting your service experiences. It's important to check with your institutional contact so they can advise you in the best way to use Compact2Learn.

Steps for Logging Your Experiences

☑ 1. Create your experiences to track the details of your volunteer and service opportunities.

☑ 2. Log your service hours and activities.

☑ 3. Create tags to track additional activity information.

☑ 4. Send your service activities and hours electronically to your supervisors for approval, using Online Approval (if required by your program).

☑ 5. Complete any evaluations or forms sent to you from your supervisor, faculty, or institutional administrator, if necessary.

☑ 6. At the end of your service experiences, download a report of your activities for your records.


Account Log Your Activities Submit Hours and Forms for Approval
I no longer have access to my old email address and can't change my Compact2Learn password.

Contact the customer service team and we can help you access your account.


What happens when my account expires?

Compact2Learn never deletes data. If your account expires, you can still access and print the details of your service experiences, but you can't add or edit any information.


How do I track my location and supervisor in Compact2Learn?

If your program uses Online Approval, create experiences for each location and link the activities to the applicable experience.


I have two (or more) experiences this semester. How do I separate the hours in Compact2Learn?

If your program uses Online Approval, create experiences for each location and link the activities to the applicable experience.


I can't find my location or supervisor on the list when adding experiences.

The locations and supervisors are added by your program. If you can't find a location or supervisor when creating experiences, contact your institutional administrator to have them added.


Hours in my experiences aren't adding up correctly. How do I find the problem and fix it?

Typically this means that your activities aren't linked to the correct experience. Review your hours under the Activities section, List view, or run the Activity Summary report. Edit the activities individually or in batch to make any corrections.


My supervisor can't see my hours.

First, make sure the correct supervisor is linked to your activities. Next, submit your activities to your supervisor using Online Approval; they can't see your hours until you do this.


My supervisor hasn't received my form or evaluation.

Sometimes Compact2Learn emails get caught in a junk or spam folder. Have your supervisor safe-list Your supervisor can also access the form or evaluation in their Compact2Learn account.

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