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Quick Start Guide and FAQs for Students

This page applies to Compact2Learn students.

This guide is designed for students who are required by their academic program or location to use Compact2Learn and who have been given an authorization key or have been instructed to purchase their own subscription. The guide outlines the key steps you need to complete to accurately set up your Compact2Learn account. We recommend you bookmark this page for future reference. If you have any questions or need technical support or assistance, contact customer service.





Create Your Account

You can create a Compact2Learn account in either the mobile or web apps.

If your program is paying for your subscription, you'll need to use the program authorization key that was provided to you.

If you're paying for your own subscription, you'll submit payment when you set up your account.


Configure Your Experience(s)

You must set up your experiences before you log any activities. Be sure you select accurate experience information.


Log Your Activities

Activities provide the details of your day-to-day service or civic engagement programs. Remember: logging or confirming your activities does not mean they are approved.


Submit Activities for Approval

If your institution supports online approvals, you'll need to submit your activities to your supervisor(s). You can check the approval status of your activities at any time.


Complete or Send Forms and Evaluations

Your program may ask you to initiate or complete forms and evaluations in Compact2Learn. Form workflows can be initiated in two ways:

  1. Forms can be sent by the institutional administrator. In this case, you'll receive an email alerting you that a form needs to be completed.

  2. Institutional administrators can attach forms to experience types. In this case, you are responsible for initiating the workflow.

Check with your program for details about how they use the forms and evaluations feature.


Review Tags and Reports

We recommend you familiarize yourself with each of these features to ensure you get the most out of your Compact2Learn account.

7 Download the Mobile App Visit the iPhone App Store or Google Play to download the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Log Your Activities

Submit Hours and Forms for Approval

I no longer have access to my old email address and can't change my Compact2Learn password.

Contact the customer service team and we can help you access your account.


What happens when my account expires?

Compact2Learn never deletes data. If your account expires, you can still access and print the details of your service experiences, but you can't add or edit any information.


Why can't I add an authorization key to my existing account?

Your account type must be correct for the authorization key to work. Additionally, you can only add authorization keys in the web app. Review Update an Existing Account to learn how to change your account type and add an authorization key.

Additionally, be sure that there are no spaces before or after the key, and that you haven't previously used the same key (keys can only be used once).


How do I track my location and supervisor in Compact2Learn?

If your program uses Online Approval, create experiences for each location and link the activities to the applicable experience.


I have two (or more) experiences this semester. How do I separate the hours in Compact2Learn?

If your program uses Online Approval, create experiences for each location and link the activities to the applicable experience.


I can't find my location or supervisor on the list when adding experiences.

The locations and supervisors are added by your program. If you can't find a location or supervisor when creating experiences, contact your institutional administrator to have them added.


Hours in my experiences aren't adding up correctly. How do I find the problem and fix it?

Typically this means that your activities aren't linked to the correct experience. Review your hours under the Activities section, List view, or run the Activity Summary report. Edit the activities individually or in batch to make any corrections.


How do I know which activity type to select?

When entering activities, you must select an activity type. Consider the duties you performed and choose the category that you think best fits the activity. You can also contact your institutional administrator and supervisor for guidance. Note that your program can create custom activity types for you to select. If necessary, you can also create your own custom activity type.

My supervisor can't see my hours.

First, make sure the correct supervisor is linked to your activities. Next, submit your activities to your supervisor using Online Approval; they can't see your hours until you do this.


My supervisor hasn't received my form or evaluation.

First, confirm that the form was sent and the preceding user in the form workflow completed their steps. If your supervisor still can't see the form, then contact your institutional administrator to confirm that the form workflow was set up correctly.


Why is the form requiring me to complete a section that's assigned to another user?

If you're required to complete a section of a form that looks like it should be completed by another user, it may be related to how the institutional administrator assigned the form workflow. Contact customer service so they can review the form workflow and confirm the issue.

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