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Submit Activities for Approval

This page applies to Compact2Learn students.

Once you log your activities, you can submit them to your supervisors and faculty members for approval electronically. They can then log in to Compact2Learn, review your submitted activities, and approve or reject them. Each approval request is similar to a timesheet or hour log.

You can submit approvals as often as needed; however, confirm with your institutional administrator and supervisor to see if they have a preference.

Online Approval

Submit Activities for Online Approval

  1. Click Approvals.
  2. Click the Make your first one! button for your first Online Approval request. Note that once you submit your first request, this button changes to Submit Hours for Approval for any additional Online Approval requests.
  3. Select the experience you want to submit your activities for.
  4. Select the supervisor you want to submit your activities to. Only the supervisors you added to the activities are listed as options.
  5. Select a date range to filter your activities.
  6. Enter notes for your supervisors, if needed.
  7. Click the checkboxes for the activities you want to submit for Online Approval. You can also select all activities by clicking the checkbox next to Date.
  8. Click Submit Selected Activities for Approval. Once you do so, an email is immediately sent to your supervisor, notifying them of the approval request.

Use the Approvals tab and Activities tab, List view to monitor the status of your approval requests. Your approval statuses can include:

  • Unsubmitted: activities that have not been submitted for Online Approval.
  • Submitted: activities that have been submitted for Online Approval and are waiting for review by the supervisor.
  • Approved: activities that have been reviewed and approved by the supervisor.
  • Verified: activities that have been verified by a faculty member and can serve as a secondary level of approval. 
  • Rejected: activities that have been returned to you by the supervisor for edits. Contact your supervisor to learn more.

If you need to change an activity after it has been submitted or approved, that activity is removed from the previous approval request and its status changes to Unsubmitted. You must resubmit that activity as a separate approval request.

Review Rejected Approval Requests

If the supervisor rejects your approval request, you must make all requested changes and resubmit your activities for approval. Note that when an approval request is rejected, all activities in that request are also rejected, even if some of those activities do not need to be changed.

  1. Click Approvals.
  2. Under the Status filter, select Rejected.
  3. Under the Experience column, click the activity name.
  4. Review any notes left by the supervisor. If the supervisor did not include a note, contact them for more information.

Update your activities, as needed. Once all changes are made, resubmit your activities following the Submit Activities for Online Approval steps above.

Delete an Approval Request

If you accidentally submitted an approval request, you can delete it. Note that you cannot undo this action.

  1. Click Approvals.
  2. Under the Status filter, select Submitted.
  3. Under the Experience column, click the activity name.
  4. Click Retract and Delete This Approval Request.
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