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DPD Course List Form Guidance

This section provides an overview of how to use the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) Course List form when completing your DICAS application. Your DPD Director should complete the form and send it to you. A blank copy of the form should be available to your DPD Director.

You will use the completed form to classify your DPD courses as either DPD Professional or DPD Science in the DICAS application. You must then also upload the completed form to the Documents section.

1. Your DPD Director completes the DPD Course List form

Your DPD Director completes the DPD Course List form based on the Verification Statement requirements for the DPD. They will enter a course list for each "track" or "option" in the DPD and the effective date range for the plan of study. They will also classify your courses as either DPD Professional or DPD Science. See course classifications below. Note that each DPD will have a unique listing of required courses. Courses not required for the Verification Statement should not be included on the form.

Your DPD Director will then send the form to you to use while completing your DICAS application. Directors should make the DPD Course List form available to both current students and alumni; they should make their best effort to provide alumni with DPD Course List forms that correspond with the plan of study at the time when the alumni completed the program.





Courses within the DPD program of study delivered through the following four disciplines:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Statistics/Mathematics

Courses from other disciplines closely related to the sciences may also apply (e.g., pharmacology and biochemistry).

General Chemistry, Anatomy, Microbiology, Statistics, etc.


All other courses within the DPD program of study. This includes courses taught within the department where the program resides and those taught by non-science disciplines, such as health science, food science, public health, psychology, sociology, research methods, management, and others.

Psychology, Lifespan Nutrition, MNT, Management, Foods, etc.

2. Enter and classify your DPD coursework

Once you receive the completed DPD Course List form from your DPD Director, use it to enter your coursework in the Coursework Entry section. You must report all colleges and universities attended and all courses taken at each institution. All coursework must be entered exactly as it appears on your transcript(s). All future/planned DPD coursework must also be reported.

Note that you may have taken a different, yet approved equivalent, course to any courses on the DPD Course List form (i.e., a course taken at another institution, a course taken as a special study, course content completed during an alternative program, etc.). You must still enter the courses you took exactly as they appear on your transcript(s). DPD Directors cannot alter the DPD Course List form for applicants. Most DICAS applicants will have courses listed in their application that are not exactly the same as those listed on the DPD Course List form. Applicant reviewers should know that DPD Directors are responsible for assessing, evaluating, and approving acceptable course equivalents for that program.

During the Transcript Review process, you will then classify your DPD courses as either DPD Professional or DPD Science. These classifications allow reviewers to evaluate performance in DPD coursework.

3. Upload your DPD Coursework Form

Upload the completed DPD Course List form to the Documents section of the application.

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