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DPD Documents

This section is only available if you indicated you have a Declaration of Intent or Verification Statement in the Extended Profile.


In this section, you can request either your Declaration of Intent (if your DPD program is currently in-progress) or your Verification Statement (if your DPD program is complete) from your DPD Director.

Once you save this section, your DPD director will receive an email requesting they complete this information. Do not submit this request until your most recent semester grades are available on your transcript.

Request a Declaration of Intent or Verification Statement

  1. Click Create Request Declaration of Intent or Verification Statement DPD Document.
  2. Enter your DPD director's full name and email address.
  3. Select the date by which you would like this request completed.
  4. Enter a brief message or note for your DPD director.
  5. Select whether you want to waive your right of access to the evaluation. See Waiver below.
  6. Click the checkboxes to indicate your permission for us (and programs) to contact your DPD director.
  7. Click Save This DPD Document Request to submit it. Once you do so, an email is immediately sent to your DPD director.
  8. Confirm with your DPD director that they received the email notification.
  9. Use the Check Status tab to monitor the status of your recommendations. Completed recommendations are marked as "Complete" and have a Complete Date listed. Follow up with your recommenders if their recommendations are still marked as "Requested" or "Accepted." It is your responsibility to ensure that recommendation requests are received and completed on time. We will not notify applicants about missing recommendations.

Resend the Request

If you need to resend a request:

  1. In the Declaration of Intent or Verification Statement section, locate the request you wish to resend.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the request.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Resend this DPD Document Request.

Change the Recommender's Email Address

If you entered an incorrect email address for your DPD director (or if they ask that you send the request to a different email address), you must delete your original request and then re-add it with the correct email.

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