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Computer Matching to a Dietetic Internship

What is Computer Matching?

A matching program provides an orderly process to help applicants obtain positions in dietetic internships of their choice and help internship programs obtain the applicants of their choice. This process alleviates many of the factors that generate inequities, unfair pressure, and premature decisions during the process of programs extending offers and applicants accepting or rejecting offers. Similar matching programs have been used for many years in medical residency placements in North America, as well as in other health professions, including dentistry, psychology, optometry, podiatry, etc. 

Process Overview

Computer Matching to a Dietetic Internship is a two-step process:

  1. You must complete and submit the dietetic internship application through DICAS. 
  2. You must register for the computer match with D&D Digital and rank the dietetic internships you are applying for by the computer match deadline date. 
  3. Enter your D&D Digital ID
  4. Click Save

If you are only applying to programs that do not use D&D Digital, click the checkbox at the bottom of the page. 

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