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DPD Contact Information

Use this page to request either your Verification Statement (if your DPD program is complete) or Declaration of Intent (if your DPD program is currently in-progress). 

Enter your DPD director's contact information and indicate which document you are submitting. Once you save this section, your DPD director will receive an email requesting he or she complete this information. Do not submit this request until your most recent semester grades are available on your transcript. 

If you are submitting a Declaration of Intent, your DPD director will enter the coursework requirements. Onces the DPD director returns the Declaration of Intent to you, you must verify it and click Accept. If you do not accept this coursework, add a comment and return it to your DPD director. This section must be complete to submit your DICAS application. 

If you are not applying to an internship in the current cycle, do not submit your Declaration of Intent. Wait for the start of the new cycle to submit it to your DPD director. 

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