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Data Movement

This page applies to: Technical, Security, and Compliance

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Watch this video for an overview of data integration with institutions’ student information systems, customer relationship management systems, and document management applications. 

Application Programming Interface (API) for WebAdMIT

Liaison's WebAdMIT API allows developers to automate admissions tasks. For example, institutions can use our Export API to extract applicant data from WebAdMIT for analysis, processing, or other integration with on-campus systems. 

For more information, visit our API documentation site:

Data Integration: Centralized Application Service (CAS)/WebAdMIT

The following document articulates the steps and functions included within WebAdMIT and the accompanying API tools to facilitate movement of data to and from other external systems, notably the campus SIS.

Document Download: ERP SIS Integration FAQ

Data Integration: Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP)

The following document provides best practices and a step-by-step process to facilitate ad-hoc and automated movement of data to and from EMP.

Document Download: EMP Automated Data Transfer Setup Guide


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