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Colleges Attended


  • Report all institutions attended regardless of their relevance to the programs you are applying to. Failure to report an institution may cause delays in the processing of your application. Report all institutions attended, including but not limited to:
    • courses taken in high school for college or university credit
    • summer courses
    • community college courses
    • US military academies (note that this does not include courses on SMART or JST transcripts)
    • post-baccalaureate, graduate, and doctoral work
    • study abroad, Canadian, and foreign work, etc.
  • List all institutions on your application even if the coursework completed there was transferred to another institution.
  • Report each institution only once, regardless of the number of degrees earned or gaps in the dates of attendance.
  • Send official or upload unofficial transcripts and evaluations. Your selected programs may have different requirements for transcripts and evaluations. For example, some programs may require that you send official transcripts and evaluations to EngineeringCAS, some may require unofficial transcripts and evaluations, and others might not require any transcripts or evaluations. To view your program's transcript and evaluation requirements, review the Transcript Requirements section on the right.

Adding a College or University

  1. Click Add a College or University.
  2. Type and select your college or university. It may take several tries to find your school, especially if it shares its name with others or could be spelled differently. For example, if you attended "Saint John's University," you may need to try "Saint John," "St. John," or "St John" (no period) to bring the school up on the list. If you exhausted all options and it does not appear, select Can't find your school?
    • If you select Unlisted French Speaking Canadian Institution or Other Foreign Institution, select the school's country from the drop-down.
  3. Select if you obtained (or plan to obtain) a degree from the selected institution.
    • If you earned or plan to earn a degree, provide details about the earned or expected degree.
    • If you have a double major, select the checkbox to enter your second major. Note that you can only enter one minor.
    • Click Add another Degree to add additional degrees for this same college or university.
  4. Select your college's or university's term system. You can usually find this on the back of your official transcripts, or you can contact your college's registrar.
    • Term system refers to the type of hours your credits are worth, not the length of the term or how many terms a year your college or university offered.
    • If your transcript lists some courses as quarter and others as semester, enter the term type that is most common (i.e., if you have six quarter terms and two semester terms, enter quarter).
  5. Select if you are still attending your institution. Enter dates of the first and last (if applicable) terms you attended. Be sure to only enter each college or university you attended once, regardless of gaps in your attendance there.
  6. Click Save to complete the entry.

Sending Transcripts

If Your Program Requires Official Transcripts:

For each college or university entered, click Order and select if you are ordering electronic transcripts (recommended for US and English Canadian transcripts) or submitting a transcript via mail. See Sending Official Transcripts to EngineeringCAS for more information.

Note that if you attended a foreign college or university, you must submit transcripts via mail directly from your school in a sealed envelope, and they must be in English or with a certified English translation.

If Your Program Requires Official Foreign Evaluations:

For each foreign college or university entered, click Order and select if you are ordering electronic evaluations (recommended for WES and ECE evaluations) or submitting an evaluation via mail. See Foreign and French-Canadian Transcripts for more information.

If Your Program Requires Unofficial Transcripts or Foreign Evaluations:

For each college or university entered, click Upload and upload any associated transcripts or foreign evaluations.

If Your Program Doesn't Require Transcripts or Foreign Evaluations to be Submitted Through EngineeringCAS

Some programs choose this option when they want your transcripts or foreign evaluations mailed directly to their office. For each college or university entered, click View Requirements to see the program's requirements.

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