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What is the CAS API?


The CAS API allows clients to create automated integrations leveraging modern, event-driven API subscriptions. CAS applications (data and documents) are delivered to an SFTP, HTTPS or AWS S3 destinations as applicants take specific actions.  Applicant data is delivered as CSV or JSON files, and documents are delivered as .PDF or .DIP files.

What is the CAS API?

Liaison's CAS API can be used by both institutions and associations to access data about applicants, applications, and programs from the Applicant and Configuration Portals. The CAS API comprises of two APIs: the Applicant API and the Configuration API. For example, you can retrieve applications and any associated documents from the Applicant Portal (i.e., the Applicant API). You can also retrieve program and related branding data from the Configuration Portal (i.e., the Configuration API). The CAS API is particularly well-suited if you participate in multiple CASs. Some key benefits include:

  • A single integration point for all of your CASs.
  • Maximum compatibility across your institution and CAS systems.
  • State-of-the-art security protocols and standards.
  • Cloud-based (i.e., highly available).
  • Flexible API user roles for institutions and associations.
  • Dedicated prelaunch environment and sample codes to test integrations.

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Why choose the CAS API?

The CAS API allows you to access applications and other data from any CAS. For example, if your institution participates in multiple CASs, you can use the CAS API to access any applications and related applicant files (e.g., transcripts, evaluations, etc.) from each of your CASs. It's also built on the same database that your applicants use to complete and submit their applications. This API is the closest you can get to the original source of applicant data. As applicants enter their information into the Applicant Portal, you can use the CAS API to call this data immediately.

From an integration standpoint, the CAS API endpoints are designed to simplify integration projects by your IT team, as they can more easily code against the API. For example, you can substitute a different ID into the HTTP request to retrieve applications from different CASs. Because the CAS API is REST-compliant, you can use almost any programming language to code against the API. Liaison provides a Java-based sample client for free; to download this sample, visit

Additionally, the CAS API is built on AWS Cloud, which enables the CAS API to adopt new technical and security standards quickly and efficiently. You can be confident that your data is secure and available when you need it.

Lastly, the CAS API has a flexible, role-based security model that can be adapted for both association and institution users.

You can use the CAS API as part of a broader integration project. For example, you can download all applications that have been updated in the last 24 hours and import them into your institution's admissions management platform. Or, you can download all applicants' documents, such as transcripts and recommendations, and archive them in your document management system.

Liaison's CAS API Integration Services

With Liaison's CAS API Integration services, we can supplement your team on these projects. Our team will handle the extraction of data from the CAS by creating subscriptions and providing consulting services to guide you in making the best decisions to support your business processes. You will still need your help to transform and load your data and conduct testing. To take advantage of this service, contact your Client Success or Account Director.

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