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Outcomes Data Integration Overview

The Liaison Outcomes software contains a powerful suite of options to complete the most common data transformations. This includes allowing for data transformations via translation tables, applying formulas directly to fields utilizing a graphic interface, and using JavaScript for more complicated transformations. These options allow you to create .CSV files with specific formatting and crosswalk requirements to match your data loading needs and export the files regularly to an SFTP site.

Liaison's CAS Data Transformation Services

With Liaison's CAS Data Transformation Services, we can supplement your team on projects using these powerful tools. Our team will handle the extraction of data from Liaison Outcomes and configure the transformation of data points in the file to meet specific data format and crosswalk requirements. We'll still need your help to create an SFTP site on campus that we can use for file delivery, conduct acceptance testing, and load data into your destination system, but our team does all of the heavy lifting. To take advantage of this service, contact a member of your account team.

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