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Citizenship Information

United States Citizenship Details 

Select your US citizenship status and country of citizenship, if applicable. If you have dual citizenship, indicate your second country of citizenship.

When selecting your status, consider the following definitions which are adapted from the US State Department:

  • US Citizen: an individual who was born in the US or attained citizenship through naturalization.
  • Permanent US Resident: an individual who holds a Green Card and is permitted to permanently live and work in the US.
  • Temporary US Resident: an individual who is an alien – a nonimmigrant foreign national – who is approved to temporarily live in the US for a specific purpose (e.g., as a student), has a permanent residence abroad, and does not hold a Green Card.
  • Non-resident: an individual who is a nonimmigrant foreign national and who is permitted to travel in the US for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less.
  • None: an individual who has no US citizenship or visa (immigrant or nonimmigrant) status.

Note: to ensure applicants are entering consistent data for some questions, this application uses pre-populated answer options that are maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). For example, country answer options are derived from ISO 3166, which is the international standard for country codes and codes for their subdivisions.

Residency Information 

Provide your residency information, including your legal state of residence.

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