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How NAFCAS Sites Receive Your Application

When Sites Review Your Application

Once you pay for and submit your application, you'll receive a confirmation email and we'll send your application electronically to your sites. Your sites choose when to review your application. Once your application is verified, contact the sites directly with any questions about your application's status.

Note that decisions regarding your application or messages sent from NAFCAS do not post in the NAFCAS application. Any notifications will be sent to you directly via email, phone, mail, or the Interview Portal.

Why Sites Don't Receive Your Application

Programs don't receive your application when the following occurs:

  • You did not submit your application to the site.
  • You did not submit payment.
  • Your application has an Undelivered status.
  • Your application has been placed on hold. Applications are placed on hold when:
    • You have created more than one application account for the cycle, and the duplicates are placed on hold.
    • You have chosen to withdraw your application for the cycle.
    • Your application has been suspended as a result of a code of conduct or ethics violation.
    • A credit card payment was charged back.

If your application is on hold, contact NAFCAS customer service for more information.

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