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Correcting an Undelivered NAFCAS Application

If NAFCAS finds unreported colleges attended during the verification process, your application will be "undelivered," or returned to you for corrections. When an application is undelivered, you receive an email notification detailing the corrections that must be made before we can continue processing it.

Correct and Redeliver Your Application

Your application's status must be Complete in order for us to resume processing.

  1. Thoroughly review your undelivery notification to determine what corrections need to be made. If you aren't sure how to proceed, contact customer service.
  2. Correct each mistake. Take appropriate actions if any additional documents are required (i.e., new transcripts).
  3. Once all mistakes are corrected, you must "redeliver," or resubmit your application so we can continue processing it. You do not need to make any additional payments. To redeliver, click the Check Status tab at the top of your application.
  4. Click Redeliver Programs to resubmit.
  5. Once your application's status returns to Complete, we will resume verification (typically within five business days). If it has been more than five business days since you redelivered your application, contact customer service.

How Undelivery Affects Your Application Timeline

It can take up to five business days for applications to be verified and you will not be alerted to errors before that point. Because undelivery adds time to the verification process, it can delay your application. It is best to complete your application accurately the first time to avoid undelivery; however, if your application is undelivered, make corrections and resubmit as soon as possible to avoid any further delays.

Redelivery of your application does not change your submission date, but it does affect the date your application is considered complete. Contact your programs to determine any effects this may have on your application.

If you notice errors in your application before verification, contact customer service to undeliver your application so you can correct it. This will delay your application, but verification will resume sooner than if you waited for the errors to be found during the verification process.

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