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Finding Your NEOMED GPA Calculations

Find Your GPA Calculations

You can view your NEOMED GPAs once your application has been verified. To view your NEOMED GPAs:

  1. From the application dashboard, navigate to the Submit Application tab. 
  2. Click the download button located next to any program you applied to. 
  3. Open the PDF and use the bookmarks to navigate to the Calculated GPA section. 



Because of the standardization that occurs during verification, it is not uncommon to see GPA discrepancies between what your schools calculate and what NEOMED calculates. Discrepancies occur because: 

  • NEOMED does not recognize an individual school's policies for forgiveness, academic renewal, or grade replacement for repeated courses. All grades earned for repeated courses are factored into your NEOMED GPA.
  • NEOMED's numeric grade values differ from an individual school's. 
  • NEOMED calculates all GPAs in semester hours. Courses that were completed in quarter hours are converted to semester hours. The conversion ratio is 1.0 quarter hour = 0.667 semester hours.
  • NEOMED breaks down your GPA by academic year, not by college or university. Coursework completed at multiple schools for similar academic years get combined. For example, if you completed freshman coursework at College ABC and freshman coursework at College XYZ, NEOMED uses all of that coursework to calculate the GPA for your freshman academic year. 
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