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Observation Hours

In this section, you can add any observation hours that you have. Note that OPCAS does not verify the information entered here. Check the Program Materials section or contact your individual programs to determine if they require official documentation of any observation hours listed here or have any minimum observation requirements.

Add Observation Hours

  1. Click Add Observation Hours.
  2. Enter information about the facility where the observation hours took place.
  3. Enter the date range in which the observation hours took place. Note that your observation hours will not display on your application in any specific order, regardless of the dates entered.
  4. Indicate if the observation hours were paid, volunteer, or both.
  5. Enter the total number of observation hours completed and planned/in progress for this facility. If you're currently working on observation hours, you can list planned/in progress hours in the same entry with your completed hours. Alternatively, after you submit your application, you can add new observation hour entries once your planned/in progress hours are completed.
  6. Click Save and Continue.

Note that once you submit your application, you cannot edit or remove observation hours; however, you can continue to add new ones, as needed.

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