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OPRESCAS Applicant Responsibilities

OPRESCAS applicants are expected to act professionally in all of their dealings with OPRESCAS and the O&P online residency programs. Applicants are expected to properly follow instructions and meet deadlines. Responsibility, respect, good judgment, and cooperation are qualities valued by the OPRESCAS profession; applicants are expected to demonstrate these qualities beginning with the application process.

Applicants using OPRESCAS agree to:

  • Act with honesty and integrity throughout the admissions process
  • Be responsible and accountable for actions
  • Research the application deadline and special requirements for acceptance, (including supplemental requirements) for each residency program you are interested in submitting an application.
  • Abide by all deadlines
  • Enter accurate and comprehensive data into the OPRESCAS application
  • Pay the correct OPRESCAS application fee
  • Arrange for application materials to be sent to OPRESCAS or directly to the program, as required by the program
  • Ensure all data is complete in OPRESCAS prior to submitting the application
  • Print a copy of the completed application before submitting it to the designated program
  • Check application status frequently by logging onto the OPRESCAS application
  • Frequently check email and log in to the application for important messages from OPRESCAS
  • Personally respond immediately to all communication from OPRESCAS and residency programs
  • Contact residency programs directly about interview decisions and additional admission requirements
  • Log off the OPRESCAS application after each session to protect against unauthorized access to the application
  • Maintain record of the OPRESCAS identification number
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