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Official OAT Scores

Note: The OAT exam must have been taken after June 30, 2019 for your scores to be considered by schools and colleges of optometry.  

The Optometry Admission Test (OAT) is a standardized examination designed to measure general academic ability and comprehension of scientific information. OptomCAS programs may require applicants to take the OAT or some may accept another official standardized test, such as the GRE. OptomCAS recommends that you contact your programs directly to determine their requirements.

If OAT scores are required, you must request that ADA send your official OAT scores electronically to OptomCAS. Paper copies are not accepted.

After you request your scores, make sure that you also self-report your OAT score in the Standardized Tests section of the application. It takes approximately 10-12 business days from the date you make the request to post to your application. Make sure that the name and date of birth on your application match that on your OAT exam; otherwise, your scores will not automatically post to your account. If you believe there may be a discrepancy, wait until ADA processes your scores, then contact customer service so they can manually connect the scores to your application. 

Note that when you select at least one US optometry school to receive your official OAT scores, you grant the Department of Testing Services permission to release your scores to all optometry programs to which you have applied through OptomCAS, even if you did not originally select those schools to view your scores. If your OAT application has no optometry schools selected, then you have not granted permission to the Department of Testing Services to release your official scores and your official scores will not be forwarded to OptomCAS. Only the schools you apply to through OptomCAS will receive your OAT scores once your OptomCAS application is complete.

Once your OAT scores are attached to your application, they cannot be removed should you decide you no longer want your programs to view them. Your OAT scores will also remain attached to your application if you re-apply. We recommend researching your programs to determine whether you want your OAT scores to be part of your application before you request them. 

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