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Version 3.3

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Othot is pleased to announce release 3.3 of the Othot platform. The release adds new features, enhancements, and significant improvements to overall performance and predictive capabilities.

If you have any questions or require additional information about this document’s contents, please reference the Othot Help Center or contact Othot Support at

New Features

The focus of each release is to refine the user’s experience and make it easier to gain insights from the platform. Some of the new features in this release were requests from partners and will benefit our entire user community. 

Scheduled Dashboard Signals

Viewing information in a personalized way is important for your work process. To reduce the friction in that process, you can schedule your personal dashboards. Dashboards can be scheduled to run weekly, monthly, or on data change, which is daily for most partners. The Dashboard will be turned into and stored as a Signal and provide a snapshot in time of the Dashboard. You will receive an email to notify you that the Signal has been completed.

Data Change Dashboard

A new widget has been added that notifies you of unusual changes to data. Unusual data changes could include individuals moving backward in lifecycle phases, financial aid awards that have been significantly reduced, or event attendance that has disappeared. This widget, in conjunction with the Scheduled Dashboards Signals, can be configured to provide an automated report, so you know exactly when and what is changing with your data.

Top Five Impacts Variable

The top impacts are important to users to better understand each individual. This information was previously only available in visualizations on the individual page, but not in its raw form. This release includes the top five impacts as a new automated variable for each record. That means the variable can be filtered and sorted on in the Grid and exported and included in other systems like your CRM or SIS.

Top Five Recommendation Variables

Improving student outcomes is a focus for our users.  Our recommendations help users to reach individuals with the right activity at the right time. However, there are certain situations where the recommendation can’t be executed (like a pandemic prevents activities from happening) or a user is unable to perform the recommendation because of their reach. So, we have enhanced recommendations to include up to the top five recommendations. Users can see, in descending order, the activities that will be meaningful for each individual.  Because these fields are available in the Grid, they can be filtered, sorted, and exported similar to all other variables.

Data Partitioning

The data in the Othot platform is highly sensitive, and we have added row-level security for users to meet the additional security needs of our Partners. This allows administrators to limit viewable information by user for individual records or groups of records.

Email Profile Settings

The number of automated emails from data transfer notifications can be controlled in a user profile. There are three options for the notification levels: all, errors only, or none.


Likelihood Scores help you decide which students to focus your resources towards, and now Deciles help put those probabilities in context relative to other students. For each phase in your model’s Lifecycle, students are assigned a Decile value that is their ranking in the distribution when split into ten equally sized subpopulations. This new column will be available by default in the Grid to help you make decisions with your resources more quickly and effectively.

Other Enhancements

As with every release, many existing features have been improved or expanded. A few of the notable items are:

  • Link to Individual Page from Dashboard Widgets
  • Added Current Calculated Values to Matrix Results
  • Update Calculated Values for Manual Matrix Update
  • Multiple Phase Change What-ifs in Scenario
  • Search for “Share With” in Views
  • Search for “Hide Variables” in Groups
  • Scenario Item List Control Using Double-click
  • Individual Page Histograms on Current Class
  • Integration Export of Multiple Predict Years in Single File
  • Additional Widget Groups
  • Model Change Indicator on Signal Reports
  • Large Data Export Improvements
  • Deep Link to Any Predict Year
  • Improved Analyze Page Performance

Next Release

The Othot development team is working on the next release, 4.0. This release is scheduled to go into production in Q2 2021. For more details about the features planned for the 4.0 release, contact Othot Partner Success or Othot Sales.

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