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Program Year (PGY) Information

PGY 1/PGY 2 Information

Indicate if you are applying for postgraduate year 1 (PGY 1) or postgraduate year 2 (PGY 2).

PGY 2 Only

You should only respond to the questions in this section if you are applying to PGY 2. Do not answer these questions if you are applying for PGY 1. 

  • Did you complete or are you in the process of completing a PGY 1 residency in the US?
  • Where did you complete or where will you complete your PGY 1 training? 
  • Which organization did you complete your PGY 1 training with? If the organization does not appear in the list, enter it in the field below. ASHP will verify if your program was in the ASHP accreditation process while you attended. If your program was not in the accreditation process while you attended, then you cannot apply to a PGY pharmacy residency program. 
  • When did you or when will you complete your PGY 1? To participate in the Match for a position that begins training at the PGY 2 level, you must have already completed a PGY 1 residency or currently be in training at a PGY 1 residency that will be completed before the start of the PGY 2 residency. 
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