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What's New in PharmCAS 2017-2018

Welcome to the PharmCAS 2017-2018 application cycle! There are important changes to the application and requirements in this cycle that you'll want to be aware of. 

New Application Interface

The new PharmCAS application has a modern design and easy to understand prompts that guide you through the application process. The new application is mobile-compatible, meaning you can view the application anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

New Applicant Help Center

The new PharmCAS Applicant Help Center has an easy to navigate interface and search capabilities that make it easier to find the information you need. You can also use the ratings at the bottom of each topic to help us continually improve your experience. 

Fee Payment Options

Any fees associated with your application must now be paid with a credit card. Money orders are no longer accepted. 

Easier Fee Waiver Process

Fee waivers are now requested and distributed online as part of the application process. Necessary documentation can be uploaded directly to the application; you no longer need to mail fee waiver related documents to PharmCAS. 

Canadian Course Verification

PharmCAS now verifies Canadian transcripts if they are in English and includes them in the GPA calculations. 

WES Foreign Evaluations

You can now request a World Education Services (WES) evaluation directly within the application. Evaluations are then sent to PharmCAS electronically and appear as a PDF document within the application.


If you applied to PharmCAS in a previous cycle and are reapplying, please be advised that your application will not carry over. You must complete the application and resubmit all application materials, including coursework, official test scores, transcripts, evaluations, essays, program-specific information, etc. 

Note that any applications submitted in the current cycle will be available for reuse in subsequent years. 

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