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Official GRE Scores


Official GRE scores are submitted electronically to PostbacCAS directly from Educational Testing Services (ETS) using a special PostbacCAS GRE code that is different for each program and different from the school's regular GRE code. Schools can only see scores that are sent with their code. Review the list below to determine your program's PostbacCAS GRE code, if applicable. If your program is not on this list, review their homepage instructions in the Program Materials section or contact them directly to determine how you should report your scores. Paper copies are not accepted.

Official GRE scores from ETS can be received by PostbacCAS at any point during the application cycle, even after your application is submitted or verified; however, some programs may have a deadline by which they want your scores posted. Once your official GRE scores are attached to your application, they cannot be removed.

Note that ETS provides the GRE® Fee Reduction Program for individuals who can demonstrate financial need, for those who are unemployed and receiving unemployment compensation, and for national programs that work with underrepresented groups. To learn more about this program, review the GRE® Fee Reduction Program page.

Submitting Your Official GRE Scores to PostbacCAS

  1. Self-report your GRE scores in the Standardized Tests section of the application and include your ETS Registration code. Additionally, enter your date of birth in the Biographic Information section. These must be listed for your official scores to be matched to your application.
  2. Review the list of PostbacCAS GRE codes below to determine your program's PostbacCAS code, if applicable. If you are applying to multiple programs, supply each individual code to ETS to ensure that all programs can view your scores.
  3. Provide the codes to ETS and request that your scores be released. Check with ETS about their turnaround and processing times.
  4. After ETS processing, scores are sent to PostbacCAS in batches and then posted to applications every 2-3 business days. Only scores that you requested using PostbacCAS codes will post to your application. You can view scores attached to your application in the Standardized Tests section of the Check Status tab.

Missing Test Scores

It is your responsibility to follow up on any missing GRE scores in a timely manner. Before contacting PostbacCAS customer service, first confirm if and when ETS sent your scores to PostbacCAS and confirm your program's PostbacCAS GRE code.

If you confirmed that ETS sent your scores to PostbacCAS and your scores are not posted at least two weeks after your test date, then contact customer service and provide them with the following details:

  • First and last names
  • Date of birth
  • CAS ID
  • GRE Registration ID Number
  • School code and name
  • Test date
  • Date scores were sent by ETS

We will use this information to determine if we have received the batch and to locate your scores, if possible. If your scores aren't found, we will contact ETS to troubleshoot.

Note: if your name or date of birth appears differently on your GRE than it does on your PostbacCAS application, your scores will not automatically post to your account. This often happens with applicants with hyphens, apostrophes, etc., in their names. Wait until ETS processes the scores, then contact customer service so they can manually connect the scores to your application.

PostbacCAS GRE Codes

This list contains all PostbacCAS programs who have a PostbacCAS GRE code.

PostbacCAS Program

GRE Code


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