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Other Information

Language Proficiency

Select your native language (the language of your birth). If you speak additional languages, click Add Another Language. Then, select the language(s) and the level of your proficiency in each.

Military Status

If you have US military experience, select your anticipated status at the time of enrollment from the drop-down. Select Not a member of the military if this does not apply.

If a member of the military, select your branch of the Armed Forces from the drop-down and indicate the dates of service.

Military Discharge

Select whether you were honorably discharged from the military. If you select No, indicate why you were not honorably discharged.

Academic Infraction

Indicate whether you have ever been disciplined or placed on academic probation while attending an academic institution. If yes, enter an explanation in the spaces provided.

License Infraction

Indicate whether you have ever had any certification, registration, license, or clinical privileges revoked, suspended, or in any way restricted by an institution, state, or locality. If yes, enter an explanation in the spaces provided. 

Felony and Misdemeanor Convictions

Indicate whether you've ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. Failure to disclose and provide accurate information about prior convictions may have serious consequences, such as annulment of acceptance offers, program dismissal, or other sanctions. 

Be aware of the potential impact on program acceptance. Contact the programs you wish to apply to for advice if you have a felony conviction or a criminal record. If you are uncertain of the status of a charge versus a conviction on your record, or if you are uncertain as to whether your offense was an infraction, misdemeanor, or a felony, contact the city, county, or state jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony prior to admission and/or matriculation, it is your responsibility to immediately inform your program(s).

Background Information

Programs fully recognize the importance of diversity in their student body and in the workforce. Accordingly, programs strongly encourage applications from persons from all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, religious, and educational backgrounds and persons from groups underrepresented in the industry. Select any and all of the options in this section which you feel best apply to you. Please note that RFUCAS uses this section for statistical purposes only and it in no way affects your application or financial aid eligibility.  

Academic Information

Indicate whether you previously applied to any RFUMS programs, are a member of the RFUMS community, or if any members of your immediate family are members of the RFUMS community. 

COVID-19 Transcript Hardship

This section only applies to the 2020-2021 application cycle. 

RFUCAS understands that during the current COVID-19 pandemic, some applicants may not be able to obtain official transcripts for all of the colleges and universities they have attended. To assist applicants with this hardship, we are allowing applicants to upload unofficial transcripts in the Supporting Information section of the application.

Many colleges have staff working remotely to fulfill official transcript requests. Please visit your college’s website to review their COVID-19 guidance. Please attempt to contact each college you previously attended before uploading an unofficial copy of your transcripts.

Note that once official transcripts are available, you must send them to RFUCAS. Your application will not be verified until RFUCAS receives an official transcript from all US and Canadian colleges and universities.

If you can have your official transcripts sent to RFUCAS from all colleges and universities attended, you do not need to pursue the exemption process. Select Yes and click Save and Continue. Do not upload any unofficial transcripts to the Documents section.

Requesting an Exception

If you are not able to have official transcripts sent from each college or university attended, select No. Then, indicate if you already visited each institution's website for COVID-19 guidance and attempted to contact each institution to request official transcripts. If you haven't attempted this yet, you must visit your institution's website to review their COVID-19 guidance. Most institutions have staff working remotely to fulfill official transcript requests. If no guidance is available, contact them via email as they may be unable to respond to phone inquiries. You must attempt to contact each institution electronically prior to requesting an exception. 

Once you performed the steps above, indicate your agreement with the Acknowledgement Statement and click Save and Continue.

Next, go to the Documents section of the application and upload the unofficial versions of your transcripts. 

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