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Review Portal Quick Start Guide (Reviewers)

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Welcome to the ResidencyCAS Review Portal! We recommend bookmarking this page for future reference. 

ResidencyCAS Portals 

ResidencyCAS is one comprehensive platform with fully integrated components:

ResidencyCAS Program Portal Connections.png

Accessing the Review Portal  

To gain access to the Review Portal, contact your program director or manager – they can create your account.  

Additionally, you have access to a "sandbox" environment – this is a playground environment you can use to get comfortable with the software before moving to the live environment. The sandbox includes a set fictitious test applicants.

Navigating the Portal

When you log in to the portal, you land on the dashboard. 

  1. Use the Navigation Menu to access the dashboard, applications, and your profile settings. 
  2. The Review Progress section displays the number of applications left for you to review, the number you've completed, and the total of all applications. 
  3. From the Assigned Applications section, you can open any application. 
  4. Use the Review Applications button to open the first application in the Assigned Applications list. 

ResidencyCAS Review Portal Dashboard.png

From the Navigation Menu, you can open Applications. Similar to the dashboard, you can see your progress and open and review applications. 

ResidencyCAS Review Portal Applications.png

Completing Reviews

When you open an application, you can: 

  1. Use the left panel to jump to specific sections of the application.
    • Additionally, you can use the download button next to the applicant's name to download a PDF. 
  2. Review the application data. 
  3. Use the Next Section button to progress through each consecutive section. 
  4. Click Review Form to open and complete the form. 

ResidencyCAS Review Portal Application.png

When you click Review Form, the form opens in the right panel. As you complete your review, you can close the panel at any time without losing your progress. When you're done, click Submit. Once it's submitted, you can't make any changes.

ResidencyCAS Review Portal Form.png

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