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Stillman College Quick Start Guide and FAQs

How does this application work?

The Centralized Application Service (CAS) for Stillman College simplifies the process of applying to programs. You start by selecting the program you wish to apply to, then you submit one application that includes all necessary materials. Once received by Stillman College, your application and materials go through a verification process before being transmitted to your selected program.

Start your 2023-2024 application

Review your 2022-2023 application.

How long does the application process take?

It's important you apply as early as possible since completing your application can be a lengthy process, and since application processing times vary throughout the cycle. Below is a suggested timeline that includes key actions to keep the application process on track. This timeline may need to be adjusted based on your program's deadlines and requirements.


Key Actions

Prior to the Start of the Application Process

  1. Research the program you wish to apply to. Pay special attention to:
  2. Ask your schools to send you the official transcripts you'll need to upload.
  3. Review the instructions in this Help Center.

At Least 3 Months Prior to Deadline

  1. Create your account.
  2. Complete the Colleges Attended section, if applicable.

At Least 6-8 Weeks Prior to Deadline

  1. Complete and submit your application.
  2. Monitor your application and follow up on any missing items.

At Least 4-6 Weeks Prior to Deadline

Continue monitoring your application until your status is Complete.

After Deadline

Download and print a copy of your application for your records.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Transcripts Programs and Statuses Fees and Payments
Do I need to send transcripts?

You are not required to send official transcripts to Stillman College. However, your programs may require you to submit transcripts to them directly. See Program Materials for guidelines.


Should I send my high school transcripts?

No. If your program requires high school transcripts, you can upload them in the Program Materials section.


How do I know what my primary institution is?

Your primary institution is the college or university where you earned or will earn your first undergraduate college degree.


How do I remove a program?

Your application must always have at least one program selected. To remove a program, click the checkmark next to the program name on the Add Program tab or click the trash icon on the Submit Application tab.


Can I apply to more programs after I submit my application?

No, you can only apply to one program per application cycle.


I submitted my application to the wrong program. What do I do?

If you would like your application to be considered for a different program, contact the school to determine if they can change your program.


Will Stillman College update me on the status of my application?

Your application status for each program is listed in the Check Status section of the application.


When will I learn about admissions decisions? Did I get in!?

You must reach out to your program(s) to learn about a school's admissions decisions.


Is there any other way to pay other than by credit card?

We accept payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) and PayPal.


I want a refund. What do I need to do?

Refunds are not given for any reason. Review Refunding/Withdrawing Your Stillman College Application for more information.


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