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Stillman College Coupon Code FAQs

Stillman College offers coupon codes with the following values:

  • $20 for the first program selection

Stillman College coupon codes must be used by the cycle close date. For more information, refer to the Application Coupons Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What are coupon codes?

Coupon codes are application fee discounts you can use to incentivize applicants to apply. If your institution uses this program, it will purchase coupon codes from Liaison and provide them to selected applicants.

What is the process for payment between Liaison and institutions?

To purchase coupon codes, contact Include your contact information and the number of codes you want to purchase.

Once you purchase coupons, you'll receive a receipt and your coupon codes within two business days.

Who can I contact at Liaison with questions about coupon code purchases?

If you have any questions about requesting coupons, contact a member of your account team.

When will I receive my coupon codes?

You will receive your coupon codes via email within two business days from the date they were requested.

How many coupon codes can I request?

You can request as many coupon codes as you'd like, at any point during the application cycle. We recommend that you purchase in small quantities and request additional codes as needed.

When do coupon codes expire?

All Stillman College coupon codes requested in the 2023-2024 cycle expire on the cycle close date August 5, 2024.

Will my institution receive a refund for unused coupon codes? 

No, unused or expired coupon codes are non-refundable.

Can unused coupon codes carry forward to a different application cycle? 

No, coupon codes are cycle-specific and can only be used in the cycle they were requested in.

Can applicants use coupon codes to apply to another institution?

No, Stillman College coupon codes are institution-specific.

Can an applicant share their coupon code with other applicants?

No, each coupon code is unique and can only be redeemed once. We recommend communicating with applicants that they should not share codes with other applicants. If an applicant does share a code with another applicant, they will not be able to use it themselves.

What information should I give to applicants when providing coupon codes?

When you offer an applicant a coupon code, share the following information with them:

  • Enter the coupon code(s) on the Stillman College payment page.
  • Use the coupon code before the program's deadline date.
  • Do not share the coupon code with others, as it can only be redeemed once.
  • Apply the coupon code to the school that offered it.

More information is available in the Stillman College Application Fees section of the Applicant Help Center. 

Can coupon codes be applied after an applicant submits and pays?

No, coupon codes cannot be redeemed after an application is submitted. No fee refunds can be issued for unused coupon codes.

Note that if the applicant misses your program deadline because they are waiting for your coupon, they must request a deadline extension from you; contact a member of your account team for assistance.

How will my institution know that the intended applicant used the coupon code?

Liaison tracks each coupon code, when it was redeemed, and the applicant who redeemed it. Upon request, a member of your account team can generate a Coupon Code Report that includes all coupon code batches generated within a specific date range.

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