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Creating Custom Settings for Remote Connections in Group Assignment

The Custom Settings for Remote Connections lets Group Assignment know the available targets. If you plan to migrate your assignments from sandbox to production, your Source org is your sandbox Org, and your Target Org is your production org.

  1. In the Source Org, navigate to Setup, then search for and select Custom Settings.
  2. Select the Manage link for Remote Connections.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter a Name for the Target Org (e.g., GAS_prod)
  5. Copy the Consumer Secret from your Target configuration into Client Secret
  6. Copy the Consumer Key from your Target configuration into Client id.
  7. Set the Login URL to either:
(If your Target org is a production instance)

(If your Target org is a sandbox instance)

*For clients using Government Cloud*

If your institution uses Government Cloud, update the '' to your 'my domain' org URL. 

  1. Save your changes.

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