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Using Group Assignment Suite

The TargetX Group Assignment tool allows schools to assign ownership of new and updated records to one or more people based on assignment groups.  At the core of its functionality is a text field on the target object that evaluates to the name of the assignment group.  When the text field evaluates to a value that matches a group’s name, a trigger will set the owner of that record to the group member with the least number of assigned records in a round-robin fashion.

The round-robin robin process is a trigger that fires after insert and after the update of the contact record.  It finds the group member with the lowest number of owned records and assigns ownership of the contact in an effort to balance out the numbers.
The new Group Assignment UI, available as part of the TargetX Builder, allows users to define groups and corresponding assignment criteria that is evaluated when a record is created or changed.

The group “Northeast Territory” below has three group owners: Jeff, Leon, and Caroline.  Jeff already has three records assigned to him, Leon has two, and Caroline has four.  A new prospect, Xander, is added to the CRM.  Based on the logic of the groups, Xander is assigned to the Northeast Territory group because his mailing state is Delaware.  Because Leon has the fewest records (two), Xander is assigned to Leon.  A second new record, Yasim, is also assigned to the Northeast Territory group.  Because Leon and Jeff have the same number of records assigned to them (three), the record is assigned using round-robin logic. Leon was the last person to receive a new record, so Yasim’s record goes to Jeff.  

Criteria screen for defining Group Assignments

Records assigned to a group are an affiliates; these could be contacts, accounts, or a custom object. Individual staff members who receive ownership of member records are Group Owners; this must be a salesforce/crm user.

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