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The Consortium Quick Start Guide and FAQs

Bringing Diverse Perspectives to American Business

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is a continually growing and evolving alliance of some of the world’s leading graduate business schools and business organizations, supported by the strength of The Consortium's extended network of students and alumni. Learn more about The Consortium here.

The Consortium's Approach is Simple

The Consortium connects people, institutions, and companies that have shown a commitment to its mission, and positions them for even greater success. Specifically, The Consortium fosters a network of the country’s best students, leading MBA programs and corporate partners, including Fortune 500 companies.

The Consortium awards merit-based, full-tuition fellowships to top MBA candidates who have a proven record of promoting inclusion in school, in their jobs, or in their personal lives.

The Consortium's Mission

The Consortium's mission, through the strength of its growing alliance and extended network, is to enhance diversity and inclusion in global business education and leadership by striving to reduce the significant underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in both The Consortium's Member Schools’ enrollments and the ranks of global management across the following sectors:

  • For-profit corporations
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Government agencies and contractors
  • Entrepreneurial ventures in both for-profit and nonprofit environments

The Consortium by the Numbers

  • $465 million-plus: Fellowship support provided to Consortium members since its inception
  • 10,000-plus: Consortium alumni since 1968
  • 1,100-plus: Applications for Consortium membership received annually
  • 1,000-plus: Consortium students attending its member schools each year
  • 80: Corporate partners supporting The Consortium
  • 20: Member schools

What is The Consortium application? 

The Consortium application simplifies the process of applying to MBA programs. You start by selecting the programs you wish to apply to, then you submit one application that includes all necessary materials. Click here to start your application.

Applicant Eligibility

If you meet the following requirements, you are eligible to apply for membership through The Consortium:

  • US citizen or US permanent resident (with a residency number) of any race or ethnicity
  • Demonstrate a commitment to The Consortium’s mission of helping to reduce the serious underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in both our member schools’ enrollments and the ranks of management
  • Hold a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the US or an equivalent degree from a college or university outside the US

Your application is not released to member schools if it does not meet eligibility requirements. Application fees are non-refundable.

How long does the application process take? 

It's important you apply as early as possible since completing your application can be a lengthy process, and since application processing times vary throughout the cycle. Below is a suggested timeline that includes key actions to keep the application process on track. This timeline may need to be adjusted based on your programs' deadlines and requirements. 


Key Actions

Prior to the Start of the Application Process

  1. Research programs you wish to apply to. Pay special attention to:
    • Cycle dates and deadline requirements. 
    • Application fees.
    • Recommendation requirements. 
    • Minimum requirements, including prerequisites, standardized test scores, supplemental applications, foreign evaluations, etc. 
  2. Begin contacting potential recommenders to confirm their participation. 
  3. Begin drafting your core application essays and membership essays
  4. Review the instructions in this Help Center. 

At Least 3 Months Prior to Deadline

  1. Create your account
  2. Complete the Colleges Attended section. 
  3. Complete the Recommendations section. 

At Least 10-12 Weeks Prior to Deadline

Check in with your recommenders to confirm that they received the recommendation request via email.

At Least 6-8 Weeks Prior to Deadline

Complete and submit your application. Monitor your application for receipt of letters of recommendation and follow up on any missing items.

At Least 4-6 Weeks Prior to Deadline

Continue monitoring your application until your status is Complete.

After Deadline

Download a copy of your application for your records.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Consortium Coursework, Transcripts, and GPAs Programs and Statuses Fees and Payments
What does The Consortium do?

The Consortium is a nonprofit alliance of top-tier business schools and corporate partners dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in business education and corporate leadership. The Consortium does this by collaborating with member schools to recruit MBA candidates who share its mission; most of them receive full-tuition, merit-based fellowships to the MBA programs they attend. 


What are the benefits of The Consortium?

Even before they become members of The Consortium, MBA prospects can apply to up to six of the member schools at rates deeply discounted from what it would cost to apply separately.

Once admitted to one of the member schools and to The Consortium, members have the benefit of The Consortium's network of more than 10,000 alumni, as well as attendance at the annual Orientation Program & Career Forum. There, students attend an intense slate of MBA preparation workshops and networking events, exposing them to job opportunities even before they set foot in the classroom.


How many students are members?

The Consortium typically recruits a class of more than 500 students each academic year. In 2019, The Consortium recruited a record 500 students. At any one time, 900 to 1,000 Consortium students are attending one of the 20 member schools. 


How is The Consortium supported?

The Consortium receives operational support from its 80 corporate partners and from individual donations, which underwrites its operations and the annual Orientation Program & Career Forum. Members schools provide the fellowships. 


Do I need to be an underrepresented minority to be a Consortium member?

No. The mission of The Consortium is to increase the ranks of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in business education and corporate leadership. The Consortium believes the best way to accomplish that is by recruiting MBA prospects who share a “demonstrated commitment” to that mission — regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity.

When it was originally founded, The Consortium only recruited African American men. In 1970, that mission was expanded to include women, as well as Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. That mission further evolved to open eligibility to any U.S. citizen or permanent resident who can show that “demonstrated commitment” to its mission through the application process.


How do I become eligible for membership through The Consortium?

Review the Applicant Eligibility requirements to learn if you can apply for membership through The Consortium.

Note that your application is not released to member schools if it does not meet eligibility requirements. Application fees are non-refundable.


Who is the leader of The Consortium?

Peter J. Aranda III is the executive director and CEO of The Consortium. He is also the first of The Consortium’s leaders to be an alumnus of the program. He received a Consortium fellowship in 1985 to attend Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his MBA in 1987. 


Learn more about The Consortium


Do I need to send transcripts?

You must upload unofficial transcripts for each institution listed on the Colleges Attended page. 


My transfer credits are listed on my primary transcript. Do I still need to upload all transcripts?

You must report all colleges and universities attended and upload transcripts, even if your transfer credits are listed on your primary transcript. 




How do I remove a program?

To remove a program, first navigate to the Add Programs tab and select the desired program(s). Then navigate to the Submit Application tab and remove the undesired program(s).


Can I apply to more programs after I submit my application?

No. Once you submit your application, you cannot apply to additional programs. 


Should I submit my application if I'm still waiting on recommendations and/or official test scores?

Yes. You can submit your application before your recommendations and/or official test scores are received by The Consortium.


Will The Consortium update me on the status of my application?

Your application status for each program is listed in the Check Status section of the application. The Consortium will notify you when recommendations are received.


When will I learn about admissions decisions? Did I get in!?

Your programs will contact you with their admissions decisions.


Is there any other way to pay other than by credit card?

We currently only accept payments by PayPal and credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


I want a refund. What do I need to do?

Refunds are not given for any reason. Review Refunding/Withdrawing Your The Consortium Application for more information.



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