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Verifying the Summary of Doctoral Training for AAPI Applicants

This page applies to DCT/TDs verifying experiences for AAPI applicants.


To access your Time2Track DCT account and complete your account setup, follow the link in the invitation email you received. If you already have a Time2Track account:

  1. Log into your existing account here.
  2. Click Settings, then Switch Roles.
  3. Select your DCT role, then click the AAPI tab in the top left corner.

Time2Track is divided into three sections:

  • AAPI Dashboard
  • DCT Verification
  • DCT Submission

You must complete the DCT Verification and DCT Submission sections before the applicant can submit their AAPI application.

AAPI Dashboard

In this section, you can view all applicants who have submitted their Summary of Doctoral Training for your review and verification. You can use the Filters to quickly sort your applicants.

Your students are categorized by current status:

  • Submitted: the applicant has submitted their Summary of Doctoral Training, but you have not yet reviewed it. Your next step is to review it.
  • In Review: you are reviewing the applicant's Summary of Doctoral Training. Your next step is to verify it or return it to them for corrections.
  • Returned: you found errors and have sent the Summary of Doctoral Training back to the applicant so they can make corrections.
  • Resubmitted: the applicant has resubmitted their Summary of Doctoral Training after making corrections. Your next step is to review it.
  • Verified: you verified the applicant's Summary of Doctoral Training. No further action is needed.

You can download an applicant's Summary of Doctoral Training by clicking the PDF button. Note that only the psychology training experiences entered in Time2Track are included in the PDF.

DCT Verification

In this section, you must verify the information provided by your student. Carefully review each section to ensure accuracy, then select the appropriate option: 

  • I verify that the above information is correct, including the Terminal Master's Hours.
  • I verify the above information, but cannot verify the Terminal Master's Hours, if any.
  • Return to the applicant.

If you choose to return the form to the applicant, you must enter a reason in the text box. After you complete and submit the DCT Verification and DCT Submission, the applicant will receive an email notifying them to review your reasons for not verifying their information. Once the applicant re-submits the information with the necessary corrections, you will receive an email notification. It is your responsibility to review the changes and again, select the appropriate option. 

Please note that the applicant cannot submit their materials to any internship sites until their verification is complete. 

DCT Submission

All required fields in the DCT Submission section must be completed and saved. If you omit any required fields, a missing message will highlight in red. Once all fields are completed and the DCT Verification Form is verified, you can submit the forms.

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