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What is Time2Track?

This page applies to Time2Track institutional administrators.

Time2Track is a tool used for tracking and managing training hours. Individuals, including students, interns, postgraduates, and professionals, use Time2Track to track their clinical training experiences, client demographics, and administered assessments. Individuals then submit these experiences to their supervisors and faculty members for approval. Organizations, graduate programs, and training sites can monitor their trainees' progress, track Online Approval requests, and generate training reports.

Based on the Time2Track plan you sign up for, you can offer Online Approval and forms to trainees, where they can submit their experiences and any forms to their supervisors electronically, and the supervisors and faculty members can approve them in their Time2Track accounts. The Time2Track Gold subscription includes Online Approval and the Platinum subscription includes Online Approval and electronic forms and evaluations. To register for a Gold or Platinum subscription, contact


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