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Monitor Trainee Subscriptions and Authorization Keys

This page applies to Time2Track institutional administrators.

Trainees must have a subscription in order to log activities for your program. You can offer an authorization key to pay for a one-year subscription, or you can require your trainees to pay for their own subscriptions.


If you require trainees to purchase a subscription, you'll need to share your authorization key with them. To find your authorization key, click Accounts, then Authorization Key

Authorization Keys

If you offer an authorization key, which covers the cost of a one-year subscription, you can share this with your trainees. Your organization's administrator will be sent instructions that can be shared with trainees on how to create a new Time2Track account or link an existing Time2Track account to your program with this authorization key.

Note that one authorization key is created each year, and each authorization key can have multiple subscriptions available through it. Be aware that the authorization key is the same for all trainees; make sure to emphasize to your trainees that the authorization key cannot be shared.

Each year, your Client Success Manager will contact you about your subscriptions and authorization key. You can purchase subscriptions for new and existing trainees.

Monitor Authorization Keys

To view your authorization key and the trainees that are using it for their subscriptions, click Accounts, then Authorization Key. You can also run the Authorization Key Export under the Analytics section. If you need to purchase additional subscriptions, contact your account manager.

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