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Set Up a Demo Trainee Account

This page applies to Time2Track institutional administrators.

As an institutional administrator, you can create a free, demo trainee account to view and test your program details. Demo trainee accounts are accessible for one year from the date of creation; if you need to access an account beyond this timeframe, contact customer service.

Add a Demo Trainee Account

  1. Under Settings, click Switch Roles.
  2. Confirm that a checkmark appears next to Institutional Administrator. If not, click Select Role.
  3. Click Add Student Account.
  4. Select a program start date. This field does not affect your demo account.
  5. Click Add.

Switch between Accounts

  1. Under Settings, click Switch Roles.
  2. Click Select Role for the account you want to work in. Note that the account you're currently working in has a checkmark under Current.
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