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Manage Placements


Trainees use placements to help categorize their activities, as placements capture all the details of experiences, including the training site, primary supervisor, term, faculty (Platinum Plans only), level, and course. Trainees create their placements at the start of their experience by selecting from options created by you. They then attach their activities to their placements. Adding your institution's training sites, supervisors, terms, faculty, and courses is something you'll do during the initial account setup process and anytime you need to add or change the information available to trainees.

The Importance of Placements

Placements are key in Time2Track because they tell the system where to route the activities and forms trainees may be submitting to supervisors or faculty. 

Viewing Trainee Placements

We recommend you view new placements added by trainees to confirm their accuracy. You can view placements as follows:

  1. Click Training.
  2. Click Placements.
  3. Use the filter options to narrow your list of placements. 
  4. Under the Course column, click the trainee's course to view the placement details.
    • Note that you can use the Placement Export in the Analytics feature to export placement details for a group of trainees. 

Editing Trainee Placements

You can edit full placement details as long as the trainee doesn't have any activities or forms associated with the placement. Once activities or forms are added to a placement, changes are limited. Note the following: 

  • When a supervisor is changed in the placement, the previous supervisor will continue to see any activities or forms that were submitted to them prior to the change. The new supervisor can see activities or forms sent to them from that point forward. Trainees can retract previously approved activities and resubmit them to the new supervisor, if desired.
  • When a faculty member is changed in the placement, the previous faculty member can no longer see the trainee's record. The new faculty member can see all details, forms, activities, etc., connected to the trainee for that placement; the new faculty member replaces the previous faculty member on all forms and evaluations regardless of where they are in the workflow.

To edit placements, view the placement, then make any necessary changes. If you do not see expected training sites, supervisors, courses, or faculty, you may need to make them active via the Training tab.

Setting Placements to Complete

When you set placements to Complete, it prevents the trainee from starting or initiating a form that was already sent to them. 

Identifying Trainees Without Placements 

Occasionally, trainees forget to create placements before adding activities. As a result, they're unable to send activities and forms to their supervisors. You can easily check for trainees without placements: 

  1. Click Training.
  2. Click Placements.
  3. Use the filter options to narrow your list of placements and select Include Students That Do Not Match.
  4. Click Filter, then navigate to the last page of placements. Trainees who appear in red are missing placements.  
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