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Getting Started with Forms and Evaluations

This page applies to Time2Track institutional administrators.

The forms and evaluations feature is available to Platinum Time2Track clients (contact the Time2Track sales team for more information). As an institutional administrator (IA), you can use this feature to build and send custom documents, competency evaluations, or other key program forms to trainees, supervisors, and faculty members.

You will find the most success with forms or evaluations that are sent no more than three times per semester or placement period. We do not recommend using the forms and evaluations feature for documents that need to be completed on a daily or weekly basis.

Overview of Features

Forms and evaluations can be sent to anyone with a Time2Track account, including trainees, supervisors, faculty, or institutional administrators. When you send a form or evaluation, the recipient receives an email with a direct link to the document (note: institutional administrators do not receive an email). Once the recipient completes the form or evaluation, you can access it instantly in Time2Track. Note that the forms and evaluations feature:

  • Supports most forms or evaluations that a user or group of users need to complete after the trainee has confirmed the details of their placement (i.e., training site, supervisor name, etc.). Common form types include learning agreements, evaluations, contracts, or other assessment documents.
  • Supports various question types, including forced multiple-choice, multi-select multiple-choice, and open-ended responses.
  • Allows you to gather electronic signatures.
  • Allows you to run reports based on the form's data.

Note: since trainees will be logging their regular activities in Time2Track, you won't build a timesheet in the forms and evaluations feature.

Important Steps to Take Before Building Forms and Evaluations

Before building any forms or evaluations in Time2Track, it's important you gather any forms or evaluations you are currently using. Taking some time to gather and review these documents saves you time and energy when you begin building these forms and evaluations in Time2Track (note: anyone with an institutional administrator account can build forms and evaluations). The time commitment for gathering, reviewing, and building forms and evaluations depends on the number of forms and evaluations you have and the complexity or length of those documents. We recommend you complete the following checklist before you begin building forms and evaluations.

Checklist Item


Update any forms or evaluations you are currently using.

We recommend reviewing your current documents and making any necessary edits. As you review your documents, be sure to include any relevant details regarding your new process in Time2Track.

Confirm the workflow.

Each form or evaluation will have a designated workflow. A workflow identifies to whom the form or evaluation should be routed and in what order. Make sure you know:

  • Exactly who will need to complete the form.
  • What Time2Track role they will have (i.e., student, supervisor, faculty, or IA).
  • In what order the form (and its sections) will need to be completed.

Determine how you will distribute forms and evaluations.

There are several ways for you to send forms and evaluations in Time2Track. You can review your options and select any that work best for your program.

Form Review Checklist

Review this checklist for each form and evaluation you create to ensure it is built correctly.

Step #

Review Item



Confirm the form's workflow.

Ensure the users that need to complete or have access to the form are given that access.

Confirm that the form workflow matches the order of users. For example:

  • If a workflow is first to a student, then a supervisor, then an institutional administrator, then be sure that Student - Supervisor - IA is selected.
  • If a workflow is first to a student, then an institutional administrator, then a supervisor, and finally back to the institutional administrator, then be sure that Student - IA (1) - Supervisor - IA (2) is selected.


Confirm each section is assigned to the appropriate user.

Each section can only be completed by one user type. Confirm that the correct user type is assigned to each section.


Confirm that each user type in your selected workflow is assigned at least one section and a question.

You can create a section and set of questions for them to complete.

Or, if you simply need their review of the form, then we recommend that you create a section where they can submit a signature or checkbox agreement that they reviewed the form.


Send a test to yourself.

In your demo trainee account, create a placement and list yourself as the supervisor and faculty member.

Then, send the form to yourself and complete each section by switching your account roles.

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