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What are Forms and Evaluations?

This page applies to Time2Track institutional administrators.

Online forms and evaluations are part of the Time2Track Platinum plan. Contact the Time2Track sales team for more information.

You can build and send your program's forms and evaluations to your trainees, supervisors, and faculty members through Time2Track. They can complete these forms electronically. Once completed, you can access the forms and evaluations instantly. You can also run reports based on the form data.

Trainee, supervisor, and faculty members receive an email with a direct link to the form once the form is sent to them to complete; institutional administrators do not receive an email. All recipients can access forms assigned to them within their accounts.

Tips for Using Forms and Evaluations

When using forms and evaluations, it's important you communicate your expectations: 

  • Trainees need to know two things:
    1. When forms and evaluations will be delivered. 
    2. What their level of responsibility is in sending and/or completing forms and evaluations.  
  • Supervisors need to understand what the new process will look like, including when they will receive them and how to complete them. Likewise, because faculty have the ability to approve or deny activities on behalf of a supervisor and/or verify activities previously approved by a supervisor, they must also understand expectations.
    • Note: It's also important to confirm placement accuracy prior to sending out forms and evaluations. If you're sending forms automatically, make sure you communicate this information to trainees and supervisors prior to placement creation. 

To ensure everyone understands their expectations, you may wish to prepare communications detailing this information. 

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