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Submitting Your Summary of Doctoral Training for Verification

This page applies to AAPI applicants.

You'll use the Summary of Doctoral Training to submit your experiences for DCT/TD verification. This page summarizes the information from the Summary of Practicum Experiences section and asks for additional information. Note that you must complete all sections under Summary of Practicum Experiences to submit your Summary of Doctoral Training. For your reference, green checkmarks display next to completed sections.

Once you click the Send to DCT/Training Director button at the bottom of the page, this information is immediately sent to your DCT for verification. You cannot submit your AAPI application without your DCT's verification; therefore, we strongly recommend that you complete this section and send it to your DCT well in advance of your first application deadline. Once you submit your Summary of Doctoral Training, you cannot edit the following sections:

  • Intervention Experience
  • Psychological Assessment Experience
  • Supervision Received
  • Summary of Doctoral Training

Note: you can click Save to save the information entered in this section without sending it to your DCT.



Doctoral Program Information

In consultation with your DCT, enter information about the status of your academic coursework, comprehensive examinations, master's thesis (if applicable), and doctoral dissertation or research project.

Practicum Hours Information

Ensure this section is complete and accurate. This section summarizes the data you entered under Summary of Practicum Experiences.

Anticipated Practicum Experience

Describe and include hours for any anticipated practicum experience you'll accrue before the start of internship.

Doctoral Program Information - Contact Information for Academic DCT/TD

Enter your DCT/TD's contact information and confirm their preferred email address for this process before saving or sending this information. Your DCT will verify your Summary of Doctoral Training and comment on your eligibility and readiness to attend an internship.

Retract Your Summary of Doctoral Training Request

If you submitted your Summary of Practicum Experiences or Summary of Doctoral Training to your DCT/TD for verification, but you need to make edits, you can retract your request. Note that you can only retract your request before your DCT/TD verifies your information. If they already verified your information, contact customer service.

To retract your request:

  1. Navigate to the Summary of Doctoral Training tab.
  2. At the bottom, click Delete and Change DCT.

You can then make edits to your information or change your DCT/TD. Once you're ready to resubmit your information, click the Send to DCT/Training Director button on the Dashboard or in the Summary of Doctoral Training tab.

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