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Configure Your Placements

This page applies to Time2Track trainees.

You can use placements to track experiences like practicums, field placements, externships, internships, rotations, jobs, or other types of experiential learning.

Placements are only available if your program uses Online Approval and/or Forms and Evaluations. Your program director can contact for more information about Online Approval; you can also refer your program to Time2Track.

Create Placements

You must create a placement for each experience. This includes adding separate placements for each training site, each course, and each new term.

  1. Under Settings, click Placements.
  2. Click Add a Placement.
  3. Select the course, training site, and term.
  4. Select a faculty member, if available. Note that each program decides if you can select a faculty member in placements. When you select a faculty member, they can access your placement hours.
  5. Select your preferred supervisor. This becomes your default selection, though you can add other supervisors to each activity.
  6. Click Save.

The options available for course, training site, term, and supervisor are all created by your program. If additional options need to be added, contact your program.

Edit Placements

If you need to edit the details of placements:

  1. Under Settings, click Placements.
  2. Click the placement name under the Training Site column.
  3. Add or update the placement details. Note that some details are locked from editing once activities, forms, and evaluations are logged or sent.
  4. Click Save.

Delete Placements

You can only delete placements if no activities or forms are linked with them.

  1. Under Settings, click Placements.
  2. Click the trash icon.
  3. Click Delete this placement. Note that you cannot undo this action.

Add Existing Activities to Placements

If you already have recorded activities, you can edit those existing activities and add or update your placements and supervisors. You can do this both individually and in a batch. Note that if you're using Online Approval, you must match your activities to the placement and supervisor; otherwise, Time2Track doesn't know which supervisors to send your activities to for approval.

You can view which activities have placements and supervisors by clicking Activities, then List. Placement and supervisor data is located under the Setting / Placement / Supervisor column.

Add Individual Activities to Placements

  1. Click Activities.
  2. Click List.
  3. Under the Type column, click the activity name.
  4. Select the placement and supervisor.
  5. Click Save.

Add Multiple Activities to Placements in Batch

When updating activities in batch, ensure that all selected activities have the same level as the placement; otherwise, an error message displays. You can update up to 25 activities in a batch each time. Be aware that all activities must be on the same page when updating in batch; if you have multiple pages of activities, you must make your updates for each page of activities.

  1. Click Activities.
  2. Click List.
  3. Click Advanced Filters.
  4. Under Placement, filter by a specific placement or select None.
  5. If necessary, use additional filters to narrow your results.
  6. Click Filter.
  7. Click the checkboxes for the activities you want to match the placement to in a batch. You can also click the checkbox next to Status to select all activities.
  8. Under the Choose bulk action... drop-down, click Change placement and supervisor.
  9. Select the placement and supervisor from the drop-downs.
  10. Click Update.

Once you finish updating your activities, click Clear to remove any filters.

Change or Remove Placement from Activities

Sometimes, you may need to change or remove a placement from activities you have already logged. You can update up to 25 activities in a batch each time. If you have more than 25 activities, note that your changes are limited to the activities displayed on each page.

  1. Click Activities.
  2. Click List.
  3. If necessary, click Advanced Filters to identify the activities that need to be edited, then click Filter.
  4. Click the checkboxes for the activities you want to update in a batch. Click the checkbox next to Status to select all activities.
  5. Under the Choose bulk action... drop-down: 
    • Select clear placement and supervisor if you want to remove a placement. Then, select Yes, Clear.
    • Select change placement and supervisor if you want to change a placement. Then, select the appropriate placement and supervisor from the drop-down and click Update.

Note: any activities that have already been submitted or approved will now appear as unsubmitted.

Troubleshooting Placements

If you can't add placements in Time2Track, we recommend these troubleshooting tips:

  • Confirm that the level for your activity and placement match. If they match, contact your institutional administrator to confirm that they added a course for the level that you are using. 
  • Review your Time2Track account. Confirm that your school's name under Profile matches your organization's account name. If needed, contact your program directly to confirm their name in Time2Track.
  • Contact your program directly to confirm if they use placements.
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