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Withdrawing Your UMHS Application

Withdrawing Your Application

You may withdraw your application if it does not yet have a Complete status (note: if you have already submitted your application, we cannot issue any refunds). If you want to withdraw a Complete status application, contact the program directly, as they may already have processed your application.

To withdraw your non-Complete status application from all programs:

Email customer service at with your full name, CAS ID, and the following statement (note: withdrawal requests must be received via email—requests are not accepted via telephone or chat):

"I authorize UMHS to withdraw my application from the 2024-2025 application cycle. Furthermore, I understand that no refunds can be granted for applications that have already been submitted."

To withdraw your non-Complete status application from specific programs:

Contact your programs directly to inform them that you would like to withdraw your application.

If you are applying in a different cycle (e.g., 2020-2021), please substitute those dates in your email.

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