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Other Information

Language Proficiency

Select your first language (the language of your birth). If you speak additional languages, click Add Another Language. Then, select the language(s) and the level of your proficiency in each.

Military Benefits

Indicate if you will use your military service benefits.

US Armed Forces

If you have US armed forces/military experience, select your anticipated status at the time of enrollment from the drop-down. Select None if this does not apply.

Social Security Number

Enter your social security number. This field is optional, but some programs may require it for their application, or for institutional or federal financial aid forms. Contact your programs directly to determine if they require you to enter your social security number.

You must also click the SSN Acknowledgement checkbox to indicate you have read and acknowledged the SSN entry statement.

Other Information

Select your answers to any additional questions. Answering these questions helps programs gather information to develop future recruitment strategies.

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