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Check Your VCU Grad Notifications and Status


As you progress through the application process, you'll receive important notifications and critical alerts. Applicants are responsible for monitoring these notifications and following up on any required actions. To view your notifications, click View My Notifications on the left side of the application dashboard.

Application Statuses

Applicants are responsible for monitoring the status of an application. Notifications are not sent for any missing items. To help you keep track of your application and all materials, click Check Status at the top of the application dashboard.

Keep in mind that it takes five business days from the date of receipt to post official test scores to your application. References are immediately updated once received from your reference.

Your application status may be:

In Progress

Your application has not yet been submitted or you haven’t paid the application fee.


Your application has been submitted.


All required materials were received; see Completing Your VCU Grad Application for the specific application completion requirements. This is your application's final status.


This status indicates that an error was found and your application was returned to you for corrections.

Reference Statuses

If you submit reference requests, your reference's status may be:


This status indicates that the request was sent to the reference, but they have not accepted or declined it. They must accept your request before they can submit their reference.


This status indicates that the reference accepted your request but has not yet submitted their reference.


This status indicates that the reference completed and submitted their reference and it was sent to your program(s).


This status indicates that the reference declined your reference request. You can click Update References to add a new reference request.


This status only appears once the cycle closes. References can no longer be submitted. Review VCU Grad Cycle Dates to learn the final dates when you can request references and your references can complete reference requests.

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