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VMCAS Release Statement

This page applies to: VMCAS


In this section, you must review and respond to the following release statements in order to submit your application. Once you submit your application, your responses cannot be edited. Please review these instructions and the content of the statements carefully. It is your responsibility to read and understand these statements before responding. If you have any questions regarding these statements, please contact customer service for clarification before making your selections.

Application Certification

This release serves as a contractual agreement between you and VMCAS. You must agree to these terms to submit your application. These terms indicate that you agree to all content in the VMCAS Applicant Help Center; therefore, it is important to read and understand the instructions therein. 

Final Reminders

Select the checkbox to indicate you agree to the listed reminders and responsibilities.

Applicant Code of Conduct

Select the checkbox to indicate you agree to abide by the VMCAS Applicant Code of Conduct.

Advisor Release

Selecting Yes for this release statement allows VMCAS to release certain information to pre-health advisors at institutions you previously attended. This information includes some application information, including the names of the veterinary programs to which you applied, and which program, if any, you choose to attend. Transcripts and letters of evaluation are not made available to advisors.

If you select No, VMCAS will not release any information to your advisors. 

We encourage you to authorize this release, as it is useful to advisors in assisting you and other future applicants; however, if you do not authorize release, it will not affect the consideration given to your application.

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