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VMCAS Applicant Code of Conduct

All applicants are required to confirm understanding of the following code of conduct:

In accordance with the ideals and principles of the veterinary profession, applicants to schools and colleges of veterinary medicine are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates responsibility, integrity, veracity, and good judgment. Schools and colleges of veterinary medicine seek to admit applicants who possess a high level of professionalism and potential.

Applicants will demonstrate these qualities by taking ownership of all aspects related to the application and admissions processes. Applicants will follow these guidelines:

  1. Review the admissions requirements and application procedures for both VMCAS and for each designated veterinary medical school or college to which the applicant plans to apply.
  2. Communicate with both VMCAS and admissions office personnel in a professional and timely manner.
  3. Provide all required information on the VMCAS application accurately and by the application deadline.
  4. Provide all required information on the supplemental applications/questions accurately and by the school-specific deadlines.
  5. Regularly check the VMCAS and school-specific status pages to ensure that your applications are complete and follow up in a timely manner on any missing items.
  6. Regularly log in to the VMCAS application to check for important messages.
  7. Regularly check your email for important messages from the schools and colleges to which you applied.
  8. Notify each admissions office in a timely manner if you do not plan to attend an admissions interview that has been offered to you.
  9. Respond to all offers of admission by the April 15 Common Reply Date, including the schools and colleges you have decided not to attend.
  10. Abide by all VMCAS and school-specific deadlines.
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