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Refunding/Withdrawing Your VMCAS Application

This page applies to: VMCAS

Refund Policy

Because your designated programs have access to your information as soon as you submit your application, no refunds can be issued for any reason. This includes missed deadlines and programs no longer accepting applicants. 

Before submitting your application, you are prompted to review and agree to VMCAS's policies. These policies include the refund policy and describe applicant responsibilities throughout the application process. 

Withdrawing Your Application

You cannot withdraw your application over the course of the application cycle. If you do not want to continue with your VMCAS application and have not yet submitted, you can either allow it to expire at the end of the cycle or request that it be placed on hold. On-hold applications cannot be reactivated if you choose to apply at a later date. No refunds will be issued for payments that were already submitted. 

Hold requests must be submitted in writing; requests are not accepted via telephone. To request a hold, email Customer Service at with your full name, VMCAS ID, and the following statement:

“I authorize VMCAS to place my application from the 2017-2018 application cycle on hold. Furthermore I understand that none of this information can be reactivated for a succeeding application cycle.”

Once your application has been Verified, it cannot be withdrawn via the online application. Contact your programs directly to withdraw your application. 

Credit Card Payment Disputes

An unauthorized credit card chargeback against a fee will result in the application being placed on hold for all programs. A chargeback is the return of funds to a consumer, typically occurring after a credit card transaction is disputed with the credit card company.

We will notify you if we receive an unauthorized chargeback from your credit card company. To reinstate your application, you must send a money order that totals the full fee plus a $25 bank processing charge for each incorrect chargeback within 10 business days of the notification. 

If payment is not received within 10 business days, your application will remain on hold, all programs to which you applied will be notified of non-payment, and any future activity will be barred until all outstanding fees are paid in full. 

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