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Adding Google Tags to CAS Applications

Tags are snippets of HTML code that are added to a website and used to track user behaviors. 

UniCAS and CAS Association Clients

If you are a UniCAS or CAS association client, you can place a Google Tag into your application. This tag can help provide insight into your application’s traffic and can be used with UTM codes and Google Analytics goals to analyze marketing sources/conversions.

Contact a member of your account team if you'd like to add a Google Tag to help you achieve your digital marketing efforts. 

Individual Schools and Programs Participating in a National CAS

A CAS is a shared space which receives traffic to all schools participating in the CAS. Because this traffic cannot be segmented out for a single school or program, institutions cannot currently leverage Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager tools to track their individual applicants. However, we are exploring options to support this as part of future roadmap efforts.

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