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Application Statuses Reference Guide

Application Statuses in WebAdMIT allow you to determine where each applicant is in the application process. The available statuses vary based on which CAS you're working in.


List of Statuses

In Progress

Applicants in this status have created an account and selected your program as one they are interested in, but have not yet submitted the application to your program. Your in-progress applicant list is dynamic, meaning this applicant count will fluctuate as applicants select, de-select, and submit to programs. For example, an in-progress applicant may chose not to apply to your program and remove it from the application, which subsequently removes it from your in-progress applicant count (it's helpful to compare this to putting something in a shopping cart but then removing it because you decide not to purchase the item).

Depending on your CAS, you may have a full view of applicant data or a partial view (i.e., a limited view). A partial view is restricted to the applicant’s contact information until they submit their application (note: some CASs require applicants to complete a pre-submission release form which allows you to preview this information before they submit their application). Review the Data Visibility of In Progress Applicants guide for more information.

In progress applicants may be able to select more than one program at an institution. For example, a SOPHAS applicant (Schools of Public Health) may apply to both a Biostatistics and an Epidemiology program at the same institution. If an applicant selects multiple programs, your Designation count in WebAdMIT may be higher than your applicant count. This is because the applicant is only one person, but that one person may be submitting their application to multiple programs.  


Applicants in this status have paid for and submitted their application to your program, but have not yet submitted all documentation required by the CAS (not specific school requirements). The items required at this stage vary depending on which CAS you're working in and may include transcripts, letters of reference, etc.

For CASs that don't require documentation, the status immediately moves to Complete.


Complete applicants have submitted their application along with all documents required by the CAS, if applicable. This is the final application status for application services that do not include coursework verification.


In CASs that employ Full Coursework Verification, the Verified status indicates that applicants have completed their application and Liaison has verified their coursework. GPAs are calculated and displayed in WebAdMIT. For CASs with Verification Lite, Liaison verifies GPAs only.

On Hold

Applicants placed On Hold have encountered an issue with their application. This can include a duplicate or withdrawn application, a payment issue, a code of conduct issue, etc.


Applicants in this status have had their application returned to them for corrections. For example, they have not listed a college attended or they incorrectly entered coursework.


Where available, applicants in this status have been carried over from a previous cycle. This works in conjunction with the previous cycle's Deferred Decision Code.


Where available, applicants in this status have been manually added to one or more designations they did not directly apply to (i.e., an admissions staff member added the designation for the applicant).

Application Workflow Visual

The following visual represents how statuses are connected:

Application Statuses.png

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