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Automated Applicant Emails During the CAS Application Process


At routine moments in the application process, a CAS will automatically send emails to applicants. These emails guide applicants through the application process, ensuring that they are regularly communicated with and can access additional resources, including the Applicant Help Centers and customer service information.

Email template example:

App Email Example.png

With this information on hand, you can choose where and when you want to initiate your program's email campaigns through WebAdMIT's Email features or your institution's CRM. Read below for more details on when the CAS communicates with applicants.

Application Account Emails

When an applicant creates an application, whether they are a new applicant or a reapplicant from a previous cycle, they will automatically be sent a Welcome Email. This includes information like:

  • Their CAS ID
  • A general overview of the application and required materials
  • A link back to the application
  • A link to the Quick Start Guide in the CAS Applicant Help Center
  • The customer service email address and a chat link

The applicant is then ready to navigate through the application, completing the CAS requirements and accessing resources to help them along the way. If the applicant is using the Reapplication Process, then they'll also receive Reapplicant emails alerting them once anything they've chosen to carry forward is completed.

Once an applicant pays for and submits their application, they'll receive an Application Submitted confirmation email.

Finally, if an applicant forgets their password, locks their account after too many password attempts, or resets their password, they'll receive an Account email.

Welcome Email example:

Welcome Email Example.png

Application Processes Emails

Depending on the services your CAS offers or elects to use, applicants might receive additional emails throughout the application process. Read below to learn what emails are sent for each application process. Review our Application Processing Reference Guide to learn more about each application process. Contact a member of your account team to learn if your CAS participates in any of these services.

Fee Waivers

If your CAS processes fee waivers, then applicants are sent several emails, including:

  • A confirmation of their Fee Waiver Request.
  • A confirmation of their Fee Waiver Granted.
  • A notice that the fee waiver is reopened for them to submit additional documentation, if applicable.
  • A notice that the fee waiver is denied or revoked, if applicable.
  • A reminder that the fee waiver redemption day is approaching.
  • A notice that the fee waiver expires, if applicable.

Letters of Evaluation

If your CAS allows applicants to request letters of evaluation (i.e., letters of recommendation, letters of reference), then applicants are sent several emails, including:

  • Their Evaluation Request, confirming the evaluator they requested.
  • An Evaluation Completed email, confirming that the evaluation was completed and submitted by their evaluator.
  • A notice that the evaluation request wasn't successfully sent, if applicable.
  • A notice that the evaluator denied the evaluation request, if applicable.

Additionally, evaluators are sent routine emails, including:

  • The Evaluation Request.
  • An Evaluation Submitted email, confirming that they completed and submitted their evaluation.
  • A notice that the applicant withdrew their evaluation request, if applicable.

Applicants can track when evaluations are received under the Check Status tab in the application.

Observation Hours

If your CAS verifies observation hours, then evaluators who verify these hours are sent several emails, including:

  • The Observation Hour Request.
  • A notice that the applicant withdrew their observation hour verification request, if applicable.

Professional Transcript Entry (PTE)

If your CAS offers Professional Transcript Entry (PTE), where applicants can pay an additional fee to have Liaison's PTE specialists enter their coursework, then applicants are sent several emails, including:

  • When the applicant submits their PTE Request and payment.
  • When their coursework is ready to be reviewed and approved by them.
  • A confirmation that the PTE coursework was approved.

Official Transcripts and Evaluations

If your CAS requires applicants submit official US and English Canadian transcripts, high school transcripts, or foreign evaluations, applicants receive a Transcript Received email once the CAS receives that transcript.

Applicants can also track when transcripts are received under the Check Status tab in the application.


If your CAS uses Verification, the process used to ensure all of an applicant's coursework was entered correctly and consistently, then applicants receive an Application Verified email once verification is complete.

Applicants can view their application status, including the Verified status, under the Check Status tab in the application.

Academic Update (AU)

If your CAS offers Academic Update (AU), where applicants update in-progress or planned coursework and submits updated transcripts, then applicants are sent a few emails, including:

  • A confirmation that the applicant submitted new coursework for verification.
  • A confirmation that the applicant's Academic Update coursework was verified.

Official Test Scores

If your CAS collects official test scores, applicants receive a Test Score Received email once the official test score is received.

Applicants can also track when test scores are received under the Check Status tab in the application.

Undelivered and On Hold Applicants

If an applicant was undelivered during the verification process or placed in the On Hold application status, then they receive an email detailing why they were undelivered or placed on hold and how to remedy the issue (if applicable).

Review the Application Statuses Reference Guide to learn more about these and other Application Statuses.

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