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Re-Application Process

Applicants can use an existing account from a previous cycle to re-apply in the current cycle. They also keep the same CAS ID number from the previous cycle. To get started, applicants log in to the application (in the new cycle) and confirm they want to begin the re-application process by clicking Start Reapplication. Then, they can choose to start a fresh application or copy data from their previous application. 

If the Applicant Chooses to Start a Fresh Application:

The data from the previous application cycle is wiped clean and they proceed with a blank application.

If the Applicant Chooses to Copy Application Data:

Applicants select the information they want to carry forward. It can take up to 24 hours for the selected data to copy, and they receive an email once the application is ready. 

The following application information is transferred forward (note: depending on your CAS, some of these sections may not be applicable): 

  • Personal Information 
    • Biographic Information
    • Citizenship Information
    • Contact Information
    • Race & Ethnicity
    • Family Information
    • Other Information
  • Academic History 
    • Standardized Tests
    • Colleges Attended
    • High Schools Attended
    • Coursework
    • Transcripts
    • Continuing Education Courses
  • Supporting Information
    • Experiences
    • Achievements 
    • Licenses/Certifications

The following application information is not transferred forward (note: depending on your CAS, some of these sections may not be applicable):

  • CAS Custom Questions or Custom Question Blocks
  • Program Materials Information (i.e., "fourth quadrant" materials such as Questions, Documents, Prerequisites, etc.) 
  • Document Uploads
  • Evaluations/Letter of Reference/Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Essay
  • Personal Statement
  • Release Statement Responses
  • University-specific Credentials (e.g., a University ID)
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