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Requesting Official GRE CAS Codes


Some CASs allow programs to collect official GRE scores electronically from Educational Testing Service (ETS). This functionality makes it easier for:

  • Applicants to add official GRE scores to their application and report them to your program.
  • Admissions staff to receive and view verified score data within WebAdMIT.

CAS Setup Process

To receive official GRE scores electronically, you must have a CAS-specific GRE code. This code is different from a school- or program-specific code you may already have. For example, a CAS-specific code might be ABC University CASPA, whereas your school-specific code might be ABC University. To determine if your school or program already has a CAS-specific GRE code, review ETS's site.

To request a CAS-specific GRE code for your school or program:

  1. Contact a member of your account team to confirm your CAS participates in this program.
  2. If your CAS participates, contact ETS Code Control at and 609-771-7091 to begin the process.
  3. Once your code is generated, ETS will send you a confirmation letter. Once you receive this code, email it to the Client Support Specialist team at so we can add it to your program's WebAdMIT account.

UniCAS Setup Process

If you are a UniCAS client, contact Kelly Haag at to begin the process.

How Applicants Request Scores

To submit official GRE scores to your program, applicants must:

  1. Retrieve your CAS-specific GRE code. This code is posted in the CAS Help Center, but we also encourage you to post it on your website and program home page. Remember that a CAS-specific GRE code is different from a school- or program-specific code; ensure you provide applicants with the correct code so they don’t get confused.
  2. Provide the code to ETS and request that their scores be released to the CAS.
  3. Once ETS processes the request, scores are sent to the CAS in batches via encryption and then posted to applications every 2-3 days. Only scores that have CAS-specific GRE codes will post to the applicant's application. Applicants can view which scores are attached to their application in the Standardized Tests section of the Check Status page.

Note: if the applicant's name or date of birth appears differently on their GRE than it does on their CAS application, the scores will not automatically post to their application. This often occurs when applicants’ names contain hyphens, apostrophes, etc. We advise applicants to wait until ETS processes the scores, then contact CAS customer service so they can manually connect the scores to the application.

Viewing Scores in WebAdMIT

You can view the official GRE scores reported to your program in WebAdMIT under the Standardized Tests panel. You can also search for them in the List Manager and export them using the Export Manager.

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