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Template Naming Tips


When creating templates in WebAdMIT, we encourage you to use clear and concise names. This helps you to quickly identify what the template is and how to use it. Read below for additional template naming tips.

Template Naming Tips

  • Use clear and concise names. This allows you to know what the template should be used for. For example:

Poor Local Status (long name, not clear why denied):

Applicants who are denied from our program

Good Local Status (easy to understand, abbreviated, no further research needed):

Denied for GPA < 3.2 

  • Use unique names across templates.* For example, don't use Invited for Interview for a List, Local Status, and Email Template.
  • Use similar naming conventions for templates that function together. For example, if you create a Point Table for a scorable field, include the scorable field name in the Point Table name (e.g., Overall GRE Score is the scorable field and Overall GRE Percentile Conversion is the Point Table name).
  • Use unique names that are not currently being used by the CAS. For example, a CAS may supply a Science GPA. Therefore, do not use Science GPA for a Local GPA or Prerequisite GPA template name. Instead, use Program X Science GPA.
  • Do not use the same template name in deactivated templates. Many of WebAdMIT's features display deactivated template fields, since there still may be data contained within the field. If you deactivate a template, be sure to edit the name and enter ZZ or DNU (i.e., do not use) before the template name, so that you know it is no longer an active template.

Duplicate Template Names

As a best practice, we discourage using the same template name as other templates you've built (e.g., the same template name for Assignments and Interviews) or other features in WebAdMIT (e.g., naming a Local GPA the same as a CAS GPA, such as "Overall GPA").

WebAdMIT has specific rules about using duplicate template names. You can create templates with the same name in the same cycle for the following features:

  • Assignments
  • Custom Field
  • Email Addresses (including the same email address)
  • Email Templates
  • Exports
  • Interviews
  • Prerequisite GPA
  • Requirements

You cannot create templates with the same name in the same cycle for the following features:

  • Lists
  • Local GPA
  • Local Status
  • Point Tables
  • Scoring Models
  • Work Groups
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