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Tips for Managing Overlapping Cycles

Overlapping cycles accommodate the needs of schools that have different intake schedules by allowing them to launch their programs with enough lead time to create a pipeline to process them. Because schools and programs that run independent application cycles are typically able to manage their admissions process more easily, consider the following if your school or program uses rolling admissions and/or complex deadlines that result in overlapping cycles:

  • To help ensure applicants are creating accounts and logging in to the correct cycle, include clear language on each cycle's application login page that describes which application they are about to enter (and include a link to the other cycle for easy access). For example,
    • "Welcome to the CAS application for the 2019 cycle! If you would like to apply to the 2018 cycle, click here."
  • When creating an account in the new cycle, applicants with existing accounts in the previous cycle can copy their application data to the new cycle (this process is referred to as “re-application”). This is helpful for applicants who started the application in the previous cycle and need to move it to the new cycle but don't want to lose existing data. Applicants can copy their academic history and most answers to standard application questions; however, they cannot copy answers to custom questions and information entered into the Program Materials section. Note that when applicants begin this re-applicant process, they are prompted to select the data they wish to copy forward. 
  • WebAdMIT users can toggle between both cycles using the Cycle Switcher located on the right side of the page header. 
  • Applicants who apply to multiple terms or deadlines may appear in more than one cycle; these applicants retain the same CAS ID and can be linked up.
  • Official test scores received by the CAS for an applicant will automatically post to both cycles providing the matching criteria are met on the application.

Note: Starting in the Summer of 2018, transcripts scanned by Liaison will automatically post to both cycles if the applicant is active in both cycles. 


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